Shelter in Peace

Our Mission:

Providing transitional housing and rent assistance in Alameda County for immigrants, refugees, and low income families who are supported by a sponsoring organization.

Joint Venture Home

Our four bedroom two bath Alameda house has just been remodeled and recently became home to a new refugee family.  It is a joint venture with the City of Alameda where they have rented the house to Shelter in Peace at a below market price, and Shelter in Peace in turn rents it to refugee, immigrant, and low income families. This home provides plenty of space for large families and has a nice backyard and a large front yard.  It is currently occupied by a 10 person refugee family.

Shelter in Peace’s assistance has been invaluable by offering and making available affordable temporary housing to our refugee client population.

— Jewish Family & Community Services

Upstairs Unit

An older craftsman three bedroom one bathroom unit in the heart of Alameda has been a lovely resting place for three refugee families in the past two years.  One family was from Guatemala, one from Mexico, and one from Afghanistan.  They have all loved the ease this house provides to access to shopping and schools, and the warmth of its lovely dark wood details. It has a large kitchen, formal dining room, and large living room.  It feels like a true home to our new families.

Downstairs Unit

Shelter in Peace has just brought on-line a two bedroom two bath downstairs unit which would be perfect for a family of 4.  It has a brand new kitchen, with a lovely backyard with a basketball hoop, washer/dryer in the garage, and is close to Park Street.  Shelter in Peace has just resettled its first family into this unit.

Alameda Two Bedroom Unit

Shelter in Peace has just placed a family from Haiti in a beautiful two bedroom, one bathroom unit in the heart of Alameda.  It is a unit filled with light and warmth, and comes from the graciousness and compassion of St. Joseph Basilica.  It is a perfect fit for the Mom, two girls and a very tiny baby boy who are now living there.

Condo Unit

In this three bedroom-three bathroom two story condo gated community, our refugee families live safely and can venture out into the world as they become comfortable.  There is a pool, designated parking, and a laundry room for cleaning large items. Each unit has a washer/dryer and a fenced in patio.  This unit became a part of Shelter in Peace in 2017, and has been called home by 4 different refugee families from Afghanistan and Honduras.