Shelter in Peace Rent Assistance Program

In May 2022, SIP started a new pilot project to complement its central transitional housing mission. This program seeks to provide an avenue to temporarily ease some of the financial pressure associated with housing and to facilitate a family’s plan and budget to move forward as they progress to independence. SIP’s Rent Assistance program provides a $300 per month rent stipend to one family for six months. This stipend is paid directly to the family’s landlord.

SIP relies on charitable donations to grow this fund. If you would like to donate to this fund please click below.

“Most of us have no idea just how crucial stable, long-term housing is to a person’s outlook and their prospects. Stable, reliable shelter is the foundation for everything else. Shelter In Peace’s short-term rent assistance helped our friend “C” and her family begin to stabilize their housing situation after 2 years of chaos, danger and uncertainty. Today, C’s daily panic attacks are gone. She’s starting to earn money to support her family. Her kids are finally attending school on a consistent basis. And the entire family is learning English. None of this would have been possible without financial assistance from Shelter In Peace and heavily discounted permanent housing.

  • Jordan deBree, HEIST

“Rental assistance from SIP was instrumental in helping one of my new refugee clients stay financially afloat. Newly arrived refugee families face numerous barriers to being able to successfully find housing and pay their rent. One of my refugee clients K was struggling in particular as her work hours got reduced due to the pandemic. Rental assistance from SIP helped “fill in the gap” with her finances and allow her to continue paying rent, even when facing reduced work hours. Thank you SIP!”

  • Hanna Morris, Jewish Family and Community Services East Bay