Shelter in Peace inc. Background & Mission Statement

Shelter In Peace was established in January 2017 as a result of the difficult experiences that many faith-based organizations were having in finding housing for refugees, immigrants, and low income families of Alameda. After hearing one landlord or management company after another say that they could not rent to someone who did not have an established credit history, did not have a good reference from a previous landlord, or did not have a significant bank account, the faith based community decided that it needed to take steps to ensure that housing would be available for refugees, immigrants, and low income families in Alameda who were supported by a sponsoring group, organization, or church.

“It has been a joy to work with Shelter in Peace…They have been unfailingly responsive and collaborative, showing the highest level of caring and respect for these families who had to flee horrific conditions in Guatemala and Honduras.” 

— Kehilla Community Synagogue Immigration Coordinating Committee

The Focus of our Mission is to:

Identify and develop transitional housing opportunities for a negotiated period of time for refugees, immigrants, and low income families of Alameda, all of whom are supported by a sponsoring group, organization, or church. Shelter In Peace will serve as a liaison for the transitional housing period and will work with independent groups that are willing to sponsor an individual or family. 

The sponsoring group will be responsible for helping the individual or family to find employment, assist them with financial expenses, including rent, and accompany them in their transition to becoming successful, independent members of the community. All rental agreements with Shelter In Peace for the transitional housing will be with the sponsoring group, organization, or church, not the individuals or families. Specific terms for length of transitional housing will be negotiated between Shelter In Peace and the sponsoring group.

Shelter In Peace will engage in fundraising, grant writing and enter into relationships with donors, corporations and municipalities who are interested in partnering with Shelter In Peace to establish transitional housing at below market rental prices and/or assist in raising funds for rental assistance. Additionally, Shelter in Peace will work to expand a gap fund dedicated to assisting refugees, immigrants, and low income families meet their rental needs.

“Our experience with Shelter in Peace was most satisfactory as they willingly took on the responsibility of property management, as well as assisting the family.”

— Buena Vista United Methodist Church

Board Members

Anna Rossi


Steve Van Lare


Rosemary Van Lare


David Hardbarger

Board Member

Bob Gronke

Board Member

Nathan Van Lare